Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Ultimate Player's Card - Rock Royalty

The uber celebrity gossip/sighting/news website TMZ has revealed a Player's Card so exclusive it has only seven members -- The Rock Royalty card from Hard Rock Casino.

After clicking to see I think I recognize 50 cent, Brittany Murphy, Jon Bon Jovi, Jack Black and John Legend. Oops that is Billy Morrison (who the heck is he?) not Jon Bon, Maria Bell0 (yeah, I never heard of her either), and Diego Luna (???) -- what a weird list of folks who don't Rock Hard.

I'm guessing these sorta-celebs don't play the penny slots, but Hard Rock has an opportunity to promote their (apparently) tiered club, and this is the result?

Here is the online sign up for the Rockstar club -- it doesn't seem to offer many perks for the locals player. I think I'll pass. The Hard Rock casino is small, and they took out their Jimi Hendrix and Sex Pistols Quarter slots with the guitar handles for pulls. Those were cool.

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