Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Another Promotions Disaster at Red Rock, and the Natives Are Getting Restless

As 2007 wound down, I did what I've been doing much of the year -- getting suckered in by stupid promotional give-aways at Red Rock Casino.

Saturday the "free" gift was a blanket in a bag. It sure does get cold in Las Vegas in the winter, much colder than the Los Angeles area, down to the thirties at night and hovering in the fifties (if we're lucky) during the day. I've been trying to keep my energy bills down, and that blanket sure could come in handy. I could always give it to a homeless person, that would be nice too.

So there I was, Saturday evening in line at Red Rock to get my blanket. I saw people walking the opposite direction with the crappiest of all crappy give-aways, the dreaded logo drawstring bag. My fellow suckers in line were as pissed off as I was. Yep, they had run out of the blankets, and were adding insult to injury.

Now granted, it was as crowded as I had ever seen in the casino, but that was no excuse. In fact, I didn't even see anyone with a blanket in a bag, so they must have run out really early, or perhaps never had any to begin with! It wouldn't be the first time that happened. Earlier in the week they hadn't received the wine cooler bags that went with the free wine. There was plenty of whining in line, and I started to feel sorry for the women standing at the desk, doling out drawstring bags, and listening to the complaints -- after all, they just WORK here.

As the natives became restless, one of the women running the counter offered me the name of her boss. I thanked her, and hung around until she could fish her boss' business card out and give me her email address. That eased my tension, knowing I could fire off my feelings to someone who might actually have some power in the promotions department.

I have yet to compose my email, and am wondering if I should cc one of the board of directors.
I seriously doubt whatever I have to say with have any weight, as Stations Casinos is obviously very successful in fleecing the locals market.

As the New Year begins my slot play with be limited to free play and a free buffet. Until the new casinos open, and the new machines hit the floor, there is really no reason to throw my money away.

I was able to live my dream of frequent slot play in 2007, but alas, it finally turned into a nightmare.

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