Thursday, January 17, 2008

New MONOPOLY Slot -- Up, Up and Away!

I was pretty excited the other day when I spied one of the new WMS slot machines I saw at the Global Gaming Expo on a casino floor.

Unfortunately, that casino was the Four Queens. The Four Queens in downtown Las Vegas cleverly disguises itself as a mid-level value joint, but don't let that fool you. The slots are extremely tight. I don't think I have EVER won anything there. The slot selection is pretty good if you want to try out new games, but don't expect to play long.

When I saw the Monopoly "Up, Up and Away!" at the trade show, I could have swore it was a "Transmissive Reels" game, but I think WMS has finally gotten the message and scaled back this technology. It just didn't fly, and "Up, Up, and Away!" is now the follow-up to Super Grand Hotel.

I ran through $30 in less than ten minutes and only got the bonus round once. Instead of all sorts of possible bonus games I came up short with only 100 credits. It was a miserable experience.

I may play this game again, and I'm sure it will be around as it fits into the Super Grand Hotel bank of machines . . . only NOT at the Four Queens.

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