Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Giving Atronic Games a Chance

Last night I was Silverton (free play and buffet) and I decided to give a bank of new Atronic games a shot.

Atronic games are best recognized by their unique cabinets that have a button on either side that raises or lowers the screen.

The games themselves are graphically crude and uninteresting.

I tried "Champagne and Roses" a penny nine liner, on the premise I couldn't lose too much.


I couldn't win anything either, and was quickly bored.

I moved over to some roman themed game with 25 lines and quickly lost $10 with no bonus round in sight.

Nobody playing at the bank should have clued me in to the popularity of these games -- they're dogs.

I have no idea why casinos continue to buy Atronic games.

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