Monday, January 14, 2008

Don't you Love Best/Worst Lists?

Oh sure you do, almost as much as top ten lists. One day, I might actually write one, but until then I guess I'll just comment on others.

I give you . . . drumroll please . . . the TRIPPIES!

Yeah, I'm a bit underwhelmed myself, but where Vegas is concerned I'm going out on a limb to say the Trippies is as good as any other Vegas website attempt at grandiose posturing, and "we're cool like that" critiques.

The funny thing about the 2007 Best/Worst Trippie awards is that the same entity might win both best and worst in the same category. What sort of twisted minds vote for this stuff?

No matter, its Vegas, its online, its something to do while I'm not constantly checking the Britney updates on TMZ. Shameful I know, but I didn't really care until she got the collagen in her lips, that's when I knew she had really lost it. Even Britney must have been aware of the ramifications of bad lip collagen, i.e. Trout Pout. But, I digress . . .

So, where was I? Oh yes! the Trippies -

Who has the best slot machines in Vegas? Survey says Main Street Station!

"The readers of VegasTripping have voted Main Street Station as having the best slots in Las Vegas. While Main Street has been known for having great excellent casino play overall for the past 5-10 years, in the last six months, they've dumped their full pay Video Poker, tinkered with some of the blackjack rules and ratcheted down on slot payouts. From a 'gaming business' perspective, it makes sense though. Main Street's owner, Boyd Gaming, needs to make up for some of the income lost from the closure of the Stardust. Hopefully when Echelon opens in 2010, Main Street will loosen up again. "

Well, okay -- that makes absolutely NO sense. They've tightened up, but they still have the best machines.

Now don't get me wrong, I like Main Street Station for many reasons -- beautiful authentic decor, great buffet, reasonable and redecorated rooms, but honestly, their slot selection, and slot club stink!

Let's see what the editors of the Trippies think - Who has the best slot machines?

They All Suck!

"Has anyone other than us noticed that the machines in Vegas are getting less and less playable by the month? Seriously, there used to be a time when you could throw a $20 in and play for a good hour before being broken. Nowadays... a $20 gets you 40 spins on a 2 credit machine and thats it. Sayonara and goodnight gracie. Boo on you Vegas."

Wow! They guys are pretty smart -- I couldn't agree more! They do indeed all suck. It's sad, but true.

Okay, on that note, let's see who has the worst slot machines in Vegas -- what do want to bet they all do!

Readers say -- Harrah's!

"The readers of VegasTripping have voted Harrah's as having the worst slots in all of Las Vegas. Statistically, the worst slots in Las Vegas are found at McCarran Airport, followed by local stores like 7-11 and then the casinos on the Strip. Harrah's (and, for the most part all other properties owned by Harrah's Entertainment) slots suck donkey balls. Yes... you will get decent comps. Eventually. But if you're going to Vegas hoping to have 'fun' burning through a hundred bucks at the slots here or there, you best stay away from Harrah's."

Hey, I'm beginning to think these readers aren't so crazy after all.

So what do the Editors think?

Jeez these editors are about as unpredictable as the readers -- instead of sticking with "they all do" they chose to make Carrot Top and Steve Wynn jokes --

Worst slot machine award goes to Treasure Island --

"With slots these tight, you might think you're putting quarters into Carrot Head's mouth. Y'know Steve Wynn's facelift is pretty bad too. Oh right, we're talking about tight slots... not tight slits! Well, TI-Treasure Island has the worst in the world... they're almost as bad as going to a Tribal casino. Not only that but the machines are old (still) the reels are faded from the lightbulbs inside and there is never an ashtray around when you need one."

Boy, I'm wore out and I've just covered one category.

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