Monday, January 7, 2008

Giving Harrah's Online Slot Finder a Spin

Okay, you might know that I officially hate Harrah's -- yep, I've stayed and played at their casinos in the past, but as a Vegas local they offer me, basically, zilch -- zip -- nada.

But just because I think their "Total Rewards" player's card is more like a total ripoff, I will still read the emails that they send me. It seems finally, they did process my email address and have decided I may be worth their while.

Unfortunately they sent me NO free buffets, and NO free play, but they did tell me all about the ATV I could earn with my points, granted I wager like a jillion dollars there, and alert me to their online "Slot Finder."

So what the heck, Harrah's slot selection sucks, but I figured I would use their handy dandy online search to prove it.

I tried it a couple of different ways, but finally thought . . . hmmm, I haven't been to Bally's or Paris Las Vegas for a while . . . I wonder what penny slots they have on the floor. As you can see by the results not much.

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SebastianLawrence said...

I see you're not a fan of Harrah's casino, well, if you're interested I've started a petition to save their slots from being, well, "culled". It's a shame, as slots are often the best bit of Harrah's and they just can't get rid of them all. If you're interested, my petition is here

Hopefully, you'll sign it, as a slots fan?