Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Free Buffet for my Birthday

Yesterday I got another mailer from Silverton Casino. I get at least one a week from Silverton, they really know how to get suckers, um, I mean players in the door.

This new offer was for two free buffets (breakfast, lunch, brunch, or dinner) in the month of my birthday. I love getting free food or play offers in the mail, so this was great.

The Silverton has a pretty good buffet that was remodeled this year. Design wise, it is an amazing mixture of modern elements, very cluttered with stuff that is usually associated with modern spa like joints. You just don't know what to look at next, the bank of video screens showing ever changing nature shots, the fountain, the ceiling, the branch like doodads . . .

The weirdest thing is the elevated tables and booth on the south side. There is no easy way to get to them. If you use the ramp you risk colliding with servers from the kitchen, if you choose to step up, good luck finding a suitable opening not blocked by metal bead curtains or furniture.

The food is better than average, with impressive little dessert thingies. The salad bar is small, and there are no Mexican selections -- Italian, Chinese, American and Seafood are pretty well covered, but don't look for any guacamole or refried beans.

On free buffet nights, when player's get their offers in the mail, get there early (4pm) or late, or you'll be waiting in line forever.

I'm looking forward to Silverton expanding their casino, currently it is rather depressing -- very dark with a slot selection that leaves a lot to be desired.

In terms of free buffets, free play, and free giveaways, however -- Silverton is hard to beat.

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