Monday, January 21, 2008

New Boyd Slot Club a Bust

This holiday weekend many casinos in town are offering good point multipliers, and I was lured to the Orleans by 7x points plus a bonus of 1,000 points (sent to me in a mailer.)

It gave me an opportunity to see if any new machines were on the floor, and to check out their new players' club.

I was underwhelmed on both counts.

While the folks in front of me were offered a free buffet for signing up, I received no such offer for surrending my new card. I have about 12,000 points, and I forgot to ask about the cash back (I think it is $1 for every 1000 points, but I'm not sure.)

I did grab a flyer with the rules on it, but nowhere did it mention cash back.

Today I went to the new club's website and I couldn't find cash back levels there either.

I was also disappointed that the downtown properties (The Cal, Main Street Station, and the Fremont) are not yet linked to the card.

Boyd does have a slot finder similar to Harrah's on the club website, but it is not completely up to date (I spied two Wizard of Oz machines at the Orleans not listed in the slot finder for that property.)

The slot finder is a valuable tool for me, mostly reminding me why I don't visit Harrah's or Boyd properties often. The slot selection is just not up to snuff, and neither is the slot club.

Boyd and Coast (they are the same company) isn't all bad, with a little tweaking they could really compete with Stations for the locals market, but for the time being, I'm not impressed.

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