Monday, January 21, 2008

There's Gold in Them There Slots!

Those of you familiar will WMS' "PayDirt" game will recognize the title of this post.

I'm writing again of the California Indian Slot Intiative. This article from the San Francisco Chronicle takes a good stab at covering the issue.

What these articles never seem to address is the slot player's losses on these machines. I haven't really crunched the numbers, but it appears to be massive. So what about the real losers? The players!

So Ahnold wasn't able to keep the state out of the red, so he makes side deals with the redskins (sorry, I couldn't resist a very un p.c. pun -- actually the California Indians on the whole have very little Native American blood in them.)

Honestly, as a single person with no children and no mortgage who uses very little social services, and never gets any tax breaks -- I really don't care about the quality of public education and fire services in California. I was born and raised there and they got plenty of my money in the process.

I do care about the return on slot machines.

Any moron could read between the lines and know that in California the slots will not be kind.

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