Sunday, January 13, 2008

Boyd and Coast Players' Clubs Finally Merge

Thankfully, I'll be able to retire a few Slot cards from the ever growing pile in my wallet. Boyd and Coast Casinos merged years ago, and now their Players' Club is finally following suit.

I'm not too big on the tier levels, at my level of play I find it rather depressing, but I do welcome the fact that that my points from Coast will work downtown and vice versa.

Downtown Las Vegas is unique in the close proximity of casinos to each other. Two Boyd Casinos -- MainStreet Station and the Cal -- are even connected by a walkway. I can use the same card at both, but I can't carry my TITOs (slot ticket money balances) back and forth. That is definitely frustrating and something Boyd should look into.

They have the opportunity to break new ground with this aspect of slot playing. Shouldn't my money credit balance from one Boyd machine be good on another? It probably has something to do with tracking the take from each casino, but I'm sure they could easily code the transactions.

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