Monday, January 28, 2008

My First Big Line Pay!

$100 is not the most I've won on a slot machine, but for a line pay with a 20 cent bet, it isn't bad.

Last night I was playing WMS' "The Great Wall of China" at Red Rock Casino.

Red Rock has a few banks of "Cash Blitz" machines that randomly pay out one of three progressive amounts. I was sitting next to a woman playing "Super Jackpot Party" who won a Cash Blitz of $11. She didn't know what had happened, so I explained it to her.

As we continued to play she mentioned she'd like a bonus round, and I agreed as I hadn't hit one, though a $8 line pay kept me going.

I was about to give up on my machine when I got a two Great Wall symbols and two wild symbols. I was hoping to get another wild symbol to head to the bonus round, but got another Great Wall. The line pay paid $100. I was naturally thrilled, and my neighbor was impressed. I checked the pay table and 10000 credits was the best line pay. She checked her pays on her machine and it's best line paid 5000 credits.

I had invested less than $5 in the machine, but had been playing a while on my little wins.

As this was my first machine of the night, I knew Red Rock would be getting some of the money back as I continued to play.

I moved on and played for about another hour, before leaving the casino $60 richer.

I can't remember ever winning the best line pay, so all in all a good day.

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