Friday, January 11, 2008

The Sun Also Rises -- A New Look for an Old Favorite

I was in for a shock when I went to the Las Vegas Sun's website today bearing a whole new look a la the New York Times!

If you've clicked on any of the links I've previously posted to the Las Vegas Sun you'll see just how rudimentary their website was, they wouldn't even add photos (kinda like me) -- merely a link to a photo (um, I guess they were one up on me).

But that's all changed now, everyone's favorite crazy opinionated newspaper that was independent and then started getting distributed inside their RIVAL'S paper, is getting rather aesthetically spiffy -- online anyway.

But just because they seemed to be literally swallowed by the Review Journal, doesn't really mean they were. Here is a link to the Wikipedia page about the history of the Sun.

The Sun was founded by Hank Greenspun, who was quite a controversial character with a long and storied past including mob ties, supplying munitions to Israeli guerillas, and a tie to Watergate. The family is also richer than shit, as Hank also dabbled in real estate eventually owning half of Henderson.

It still doesn't explain why you would allow your paper to be distributed inside your rivals -- that's just weird -- but I'm certain it has to do with money.

As I don't sully my lily white hands with newsprint, I suppose it doesn't matter much to me.

Online the Sun clearly looked like it was barely hanging on, which was strange considering the Greenspun Media Group appears to be a healthy publishing enterprise.

I'm sure I'll come to miss the visually simpler times.

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