Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Slots from WMS G+ DELUXE Review

So 2.5 years ago when I abandoned this blog, my last post was about the WMS G+ Series, and today I bring you my reactions to their brand new G+ Deluxe series.

In a word --- meah. I mean really WMS, in nearly 3 years this is all the improvement you can muster?

I strolled into my usual haunt Red Rock Casino, and decided to play the new "I Love Lucy" "Win it Again" WMS slots, and in their place were these G+ Deluxe machines. I say "in their place" but really, they are the same cabinets controlled by "Server Based" gaming . . . meaning the casino can change the games and the payouts (yes, the PAYOUTS) anytime they want with a push of a button.

That said, the cabinets do not limit the bells and whistles of the game too much, as the top screen can and often does have all sorts of action, although it is NOT interactive touch screen action. So if you like games where you can't pick the wrong thing, then you shouldn't notice much lacking from your experience.

All that considered, I sat down and tried my luck. There were four of these new games, including Kronos (think "Zeus"), Zanzibar, Dragon's Riches, and something jungle themed. I played "Dragon's Riches." The first thing I noticed was the larger symbols, and the weird line configurations. You can bet between 1 and 30 lines (this is a penny machine), but those lines may not pay off in ways you are used to. There is a bonus round triggered by three dragon symbols that give you 10 free spins, with up to 100 free spins if you get five bonus symbols. I never got more than 3 dragons. There are also stacked wilds, and a "Replicating Wilds" feature -- if a special dragon symbol lands in the center and you have winning lines, it can send out wilds to enhance your win. There is also a "minor" and a "major" progressive. The minor pays out before $50, and the major pays out before $500. Every time you have a significant win a little (very little) is added to the progressive amount. I sat down when my minor progressive was at $42 and after an hour or two (two beers anyways), the progressive inched up to $44 and change, and paid out for me. The payout happens randomly after a win. Over on the other side, a woman played her machine until her minor progressive was well over $49.70 -- then it FINALLY paid off for her.

Probably the most interesting feature of these machines is the "Game Stats" section, where you can see just what the payout history has been. I'm not sure these stats really say anything about what you might win, but they do reveal that Big Wins, and progressive payouts are few and far between (but we knew that already).

I did play for quite a while, and I did leave ahead, but I was generally bored with the games. As I've played so many slots, I do tend to figure them out quickly, and once you know what is happening a certain spark of interest is lost. After all, it is just a new way to take your money.

My major complaint is the graphics, which are a little crude by WMS standards, and I believe the "Server Based" gaming aspect has had all the slot companies churning out new games, but some have been of lesser quality.

So give these new games a spin, but don't expect too much. With the exception of the "Game Stats", you've basically seen all this stuff before.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Wow! Where does the time go? Two and a half years ago, I abandoned this Slot Blog, and just today found it again, and guess what? People ACTUALLY read it, and commented! Now if I can only find the 5 or 6 other blogs I've abandoned -- one is called 'Abandoned Blogs' -- I might keep myself busy writing, and losing less money in the slots.

So the question is, do I still live in Vegas, and do I still play? Yes, and yes.

However, as the Great Recession has taken the wind out of nearly all of our sails, I do limit my time in the casinos to free play, and free buffets. Still, I do try out all the new slots that hit the floor, and I will be more than happy to tell y'all about them.

So, I apologize for falling off the face of the earth, let's just say that weird timeless environment casinos love to create sucked me out of the Bloggersphere for awhile.

I'm back, and looking for the cocktail waitress.