Friday, February 22, 2008

New Slots on the Floor - Hitchcock Theatre and Up, Up, and Away

I made the rounds at Suncoast and Rampart casino this week and was pleasantly surprised to see that Wizard of Oz and Monopoly Up, Up and Away are creeping onto the casino floors.

I was amazed to see a new slot WMS' "Hitchcock Theatre" similar (meaning it fits into the same cabinets and has surprise bonuses bases on an extra bet) to "Gold Fish" and "Mermaid's Gold." I went to WMS' website (as I always do to provide a link) but couldn't find anything on this machine.

That left me to my own devices to play the darn thing and figure it out for myself. This of course, was easier said than done, as slot players are geniuses at sniffing out the new machines and testing their luck -- suffice it to say, I had competition.

At Suncoast this was difficult, but I did get a little time and hit a couple of bonus rounds with Alfred Hitchcock as my guide.

Like "Gold Fish" and "Mermaid's Gold" an extra bet of 10 credits is needed to activate the famed director popping up with a "Bird's Bonus" where the reels spin and the birds add wilds to the mix, an intermission bonus where sodas add wilds to three free spins, the popcorn machine adds credits, or a candy bar bonus, which I haven't hit so I don't know what it does.

Already that is three different bonuses . . . but wait . . . there is more!

If you hit three scattered tickets you get 10 free spins with more bonus opportunities. During the free spins if you get three film reels you get to pick one of three classic Hitchcock films and see how the audience reacts. There is also a stacked wild with a multiplier available in the free spins.

Well, it sure does sound like there are many opportunities to win, the trouble of course, is that I lost $25 at the Suncoast on Hitchcock, and won $5 at Rampart, only to quickly escape with my winnings.

I'm not sure how volatile this machine is, but so far, I'm reluctant to spend much time with it. Many of the bonuses give small results, and if you don't get a bonus at all, then you will run through your money very quickly.

Monopoly Up, Up, and Away doesn't seem to fare much better -- it's problem is having lots of bonus possibilities once you hit the cannon shoot gateway, but getting to that point (with three consecutive cannons (sometimes stacked) left to right is very difficult.

All and all, I've learned my lesson and will play these machines very selectively and carefully. I always love a new slot machine, but I'm not going to invest much financially in the experience.


Snoopysnif1 said...

Hitchcock Theater at Borgatas in Atlantic City. We played this game in Vegas and had a blast. In Atlantic City you could not hear the machines and that is very important for the enjoyment of the game as the scare tactic is what keeps you laughing. We were very disappointed.

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