Monday, February 11, 2008

Gung Hay Fat Choy! You want Curry Chicken or Furry Cat?!

It's Chinese New Year, and Vegas is rolling out the red carpet, literally. The decorations are lavish at the MGM Grand and the Bellagio. Sin City has always courted Asian gamblers who are even more avid over the two week holiday.

In light of the celebration, today I'm going to write about one of my favorite old school video reel slot machines -- IGT's Fortune Cookie. This machine is so politically incorrect, I was certain when I first saw it that Asians would complain and it would be yanked from Casino floors. Obviously this didn't happen, and even though they are getting harder to find (especially penny versions) a few still exist in Las Vegas.

Mr. Lucky, the chinese restaurant owner is a crude stereotype, but pretty damn funny as well. When you get to the bonus round and order food off the menu, Mr. Lucky repeats your order and occasionally comments -- "You want Hot and Sour Soup? Like my girl friend and my wife?" "You want Curry Chicken, or Furry Cat?""Orange Peel beef, this one beef that don't a-peel to cow!" and "You got a beef with broccoli? Don't take it out on me!" are a few.

In the Fortune Cookie bonus (three scattered cookies) you choose from three cookies and your fortune is revealed. They range from tame (Things are Looking Up!) to downright tacky (Don't repeat the mistakes of your father -- Don't marry your mother!)

I like to play the 9 line penny version of Fortune Cookie and move between 1 and 5x per line. I can usually play for quite a while on $20 this way, hit a few bonus rounds and be entertained by Mr. Lucky and his Fortune Cookies.

IGT should really come out with a new version of this game, but as I've said before many, many times -- IGT seems pretty intent on moving backwards and simplifying games, instead of improving their popular creations.

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