Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Mile High Player's Club

In light of their sinking stock, Sands hope profits will soar with their new tricked out high roller jets. They are outfitting two planes with baccarat tables so that their high flying clientele can gamble the hours up up and away.

It seems gambling in the great blue yonder is similiar to gambling on a cruise ship, once you are in (or apparently over) international waters, it's anybody's bet. Which leads to the inevitable question -- why not outfit jetliners with slot machines?

Well, it seems none other than Kirk Kerkorkian who ran a shortlived MGM airlines did in fact propose it.

Unfortunately, it was never to be.

As Tammy Wynette and George Jones sang -- "I'm not the jetset" but if ever I did find myself on a 14 hour flight I certainly would be first in line to join the Mile High Player's Club.

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