Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cash Back vs. Comps -- It's Not Always a Clear Choice

The other night I was at Rampart Casino, and it was steak night at the buffet. I knew I had $42 in cash or comps so I headed to the Player's club to get a buffet voucher. Well, it was much easier said than done.

The woman behind the counter told me they were not issueing food vouchers that day. I didn't really understand, but had a vague awareness of an offer where if you get 600 points in a day you will get a free buffet on your next visit.

I told her I wanted to use my regular points to pay for my meal. At Station Casinos this is a pretty simple system, merely swiping my card and entering my pin at the cashier.

She offered me the Rampart/Cannery newspaper and told me there was a coupon in there. I was still rather confused, and finally she told me I could get my cash back and pay cash at the buffet.

So I was issued a voucher for $20 -- roughly half my points, and went to the cashier to get $20 in cold hard cash. I then took my cash and coupon to the buffet.

Sometimes I'm tempted just to cash out all my points around town and be done with it. I'll go back to watching TV and movies at night and eating at In-n-Out burgers.

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