Friday, February 8, 2008

Station Casinos to Introduce Free Play for Points

You heard it here first -- starting February 14th Station Casinos will introduce a program where you can redeem your points for free play.

The lovely young lady was so happy to tell me all about it at the player's club.

I inquired when I saw big red balloons throughout the casino the other day, and apparently she was thrilled to tout the new addition to an interested party.

Here's how it works. 1000 points will be equal to $1 free play, but you can only redeem in $5 increments. There are slot machine shaped kiosks placed throughout the casino which players can use for the conversion.

As I generally keep about 20,000 point on my card that I use for free buffets (a lunch buffet requires about 4,500 points) I doubt that I will convert my points to play, but you never know.

I personally tend to be motivated by free food, but I'm glad to see any casino expand the possibilities of their points.

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