Monday, February 4, 2008

Cashback Angels Promotion at South Point Casino

I got to give it to Michael (son of Jackie) Gaughan's South Point Casino Promotions people. They do come up with some clever marketing campaigns.

The latest involve the "Cashback Angels"

The gist of this is supposedly to convince you that you get more cashback at the South Point than other casinos.

That point I don't dispute. The problem is I can't win there to save my life and the slot selection is poor.

Once a casino has put a bad taste in the mouth of a slot player, it is exceedingly hard to remove it.

Of course I recommend free Steak House vouchers.

I probably have enough points for a free lunch buffet at the South Point and those were hard earned, resulting in heavy losses. What I should do is cash out those points and be done with the place.

I do enjoy the events in the Equestrian Center, and will frequent the joint from time to time. I've learned however to walk right through the casino.

I have no idea where all the 99% slot machines are, but we all know that claim is the oldest in the book, and has little bearing on an average players' session.

The South Point is going to have to come up with something better than Cashback Angels to get me playing there again.


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