Friday, February 1, 2008

More Birthday Offerings in the Mail

It's now officially my birthday month -- don't you love the concept of celebrating the whole MONTH!? -- and the enticements from local casinos continues.

The best gift came from Silverton, who is offering me two free buffets (it will probably be one one buffet as I usually hit the casino alone, and apparently it is two buffets for one visit.)

The others are pretty chintzy. Rampart is offering me a free logo T-shirt or hat. I probably won't even take them up on this, unless I need some polishing rags -- that is usually what I use the free T-shirts for.

Terrible's is offering me a reduced room rate, which I would use if I live out of town (but I DON'T), and $5 free play.

Casinos need to realize that folks are most often motivated by a free meal, or a substantial amount of free play.

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