Thursday, December 20, 2007

Slot Jockey Etiquette

I'm constantly amazed by the manners and lack thereof of my fellow slotplayers.

I understand that casinos are stressful environments and players last nerves are continually being worked.

Still, they are public places, and a code of behavior should be observed.

Last night I encountered all sorts of slot players' dos and don'ts --

DO -- Ask politely if a machine is being played before sitting down between two people, especially if they are having a conversation.

DON'T -- Play two machines, and become indignant if someone tries to sit down at one of them.

DO -- Adjust the volume on your machine at a comfortable level if someone is sitting next to you.

DON'T -- Sit right down next to someone who is not smoking, and light up like you own the joint, before asking politely if they mind if you smoke.

DO -- Decline from smoking, or move to another area if they are bothered -- they were there first.

DO -- Try to have change ($1 bills) for your cocktail waitress, and have the tip ready when she returns.

DON'T -- Swear out loud and bang on your machine, unless you are in an uncrowded area, or you have cleared your behavior with your neighbors. Most slot players understand the frustration factor and will overlook your outbursts, but keep the mood as light as possible.

DON'T -- Ask your neighbor to "watch" your machine for you while you take a bathroom or ATM break. They may want to leave their machine while you are away.

DO -- If you need to leave but want to reserve your machine, ticket out your balance, and tip your chair onto the machine -- the slot player's universal code for "I'll be back."

I'll add to this list as the need arises, but for now, remember to mind your manners.

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