Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cannery Casinos Bought by Aussie Whale James Packer

This news came out of nowhere -- Cannery Casinos is being purchased by notorious Australian whale and Casino Operator James (son of late Kerry) Packer. Another American Casino lost to a damn foreigner. There I said it. This really stinks, but apparently Packer's money doesn't.

Sure Packer has long had his sights on Vegas, and American gaming -- he is buying into the Crown project, and working on the Fountainebleau -- but the Cannery deal is a shocker to me.,25197,22916178-2702,00.html

So us lowly locals see another Casino swallowed by a foreign corporation.

I've already stopped playing at the Rampart, run by Cannery -- I couldn't win or break even there to save my life, their slot selection sucks, and they quit sending me my free play and buffet. The namesake Cannery Casino is larger and more loser friendly with their promotions, but their location in North Vegas makes it too far for me to travel for 5X play.

This week I've found my playing options severely limited, what with the Imperial Palace finally being swallowed by Harrah's and now this news of Cannery Casinos being bought by Packer putting the final nail in their coffin.

It is becoming harder and harder for me to play everyday. It seems I've hit that point, where the corporate casinos have finally killed the golden goose. This slot jockey may have to hang up my silver spurs, and watch a movie tonight.