Tuesday, December 4, 2007

More Good News/Bad News for Server Based Gaming

It seems the casino slot honchos were getting mixed messages about the beauty of Server Based gaming at G2E last month, as this Review-Journal article entitled "Flashier slots revel in their day at G2E, but patrons will have to wait for games" states.


Server Based gaming was touted as everything from an enhanced experience for the player to a real revenue God-send, but the most important questions regarding time and money essentially went unanswered.

So the good news is Server Based gaming is still a ways away, and the bad news is new slots will be slow to debut on the casino floor.

Of course, the casino operators are much more concerned with revenue per square foot, than "enhancing the player experience", which I suppose is a euphenism for new ways to fleece old sheep.

I'm personally becoming so bored with the current slot selections, and the reality of always LOSING, that it becomes more work than play for me to hang out in a casino. I've crossed so many casinos off my list, and have even been ignoring $10 free slot play in some cases. It is going to take a free buffet, free play, AND new machines to get me in the door.

So, my word to the operators is -- let Server Based machines develop in their own sweet time, but please, please get the new slots that are available, like Williams "Dirty Harry," "Money Burst," and "Rotating Wilds" on the floor.

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