Friday, December 28, 2007

No FIRM Soft Opening for Palazzo, Crikey!

The Review-Journal chimed in on the delays for the opening of Palazzo today -- apparently the management won't commit to a firm soft opening date. I got a kick out of that. Jay Z's 40/40 club is slated to open Sunday night, December 30th though.

I feel a trip to the strip coming on. Many folks who live in Las Vegas NEVER go to the strip, and they are proud of it. Not me, at least not yet. Granted I don't play much there, not so much because I'm unlucky, I'm unlucky everywhere, it's more on principal of the comps, or lack thereof. Like DeNiro as Lefty Rosenthal says in the movie "Casino" -- That's the truth about Las Vegas, it's all designed to get your money, the players don't stand a chance.

So I'll check out the conservatory at the Bellagio, cruise by to see the wreckage that once was the New Frontier, and stop by Circus Circus to play the one slot machine I like -- King Midas.
"King Midas" is an older WMS machine in the "Treasure Tales" Series. It has quite a few bonus rounds, and special features -- I've played this particular machine at Circus Circus (the ONLY machine I have found in Las Vegas) three times now and I haven't lost yet.

I'll probably head downtown to play my $15 free play at Binion's -- and if the mood strikes swing by Red Rock for a free burger.

Well, if I'm going to do all that, I best be going. One thing though, is sticking in my craw -- those damn "Lightning Box" games by IGT.

My google search for Lightning Box Slot Machines turned up nothing, but my Super Happy Fortune Cat was useful. Here is a link to a journal that describes the experience of watching someone else play the machines - It's a long entry, so if you don't want the complete rundown of this person's Vegas trip scroll down to the Fortune Cat logo. They include a link to the IGT site -- I should have know from the "Crikey!" that these games were made in Australia -- perhaps James Packer has something to do with it.

Sometimes I forget that there is a world of slot machines and casinos out there. Something designed for a particular market might filter into another. I've never been to Macau or down under, or South Africa, or Dubai (do they gamble in Dubai?) but it holds true that fools are abundant the world over.

This fool is just trying to live a little before she dies, which leads me to the subject of New Years' Eve . . . perhaps I'll address that tomorrow.

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