Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Final Indignity -- Another F*cked up Bud

Someone up there is trying to send me a message. Last night, yet AGAIN, a cocktail waitress at Red Rock refused to serve me a Bud, a Budweiser beer, the most common and simplest of all Beverage choices.

To make matters worse, I was dying for a drink. Here's how it all went down. I visited the Bellagio to take in the Conservatory, which was sort of a disappointment, as it seemed sort of slapped together from former Holiday installations. I lost a few bucks playing some Bally games I hadn't seen before, I believe one was called "Cashin' In" and the other had a Scottish theme. I never got a drink, but the night was young.

Then I headed down the strip -- the Frontier is nearly gone, with only the front tower (about 6 stories) and the sign still standing. It is weird to see the vast expanse of darkness where the Frontier and the Stardust once stood, though cranes are now rising from the Stardust property.

I went to Circus Circus to play the WMS "King Midas" machine. I tried to stay calm in the sea of families and children, and was proud of myself for maintaining my composure. I got ahead on King Midas, but then foolishly put my winnings back and lost $40 more. I played for about an hour and never got a drink.

Next stop was Binion's to play my free play. I again tried a Bally's game "Samurai Something or Other" -- it's not really called that, but you get the picture. I was proud to leave with $15 in hand, but still no drink. I walked over to the California where I parked, but decided to check out one of my favorite casinos for it's buffet and decor -- Main Street Station. Unfortunately, no new games over there, still I put $5 in a "Hot Hot Jackpot" and left again, stone cold sober.

So I made the long drive up Alta to Red Rock Casino as the Jumbo Jackpot was in the $147,000 range and at the very least a free cheeseburger awaited me there. I sat down at WMS' "Pay Dirt" machine and was down $15 before I finally flagged down a waitress. I smiled sweetly, gave her my order, and even watched her write it down. At this point I was dying of thirst and hungry to boot.

The waitress finally returned with a very full tray and walked right by me. After she served a couple across from me, I got her attention (of course I had my tip ready and in full view) and asked for my Budweiser. She looked at her tray, said "Nope, No Buds, only Bud Lights -- sorry I'll bring it next time." I should have killed her right then and there. I certainly felt like it.

It's a conspiracy, plain and simple . . . I'm not sure if it includes the cocktail waitresses (or perhaps they are just as dumb as they look), the bartenders, Red Rock management, Stations Casinos and God, but truly, truly I am being targetted.

I got up controlling my anger and headed into the cafe for a cheeseburger and a Budweiser, I had to pay for the beer, but at least the meal was free.

As soon as I left, of course, the Jumbo Jackpot hit.

From now on, I'm ordering Champagne.

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