Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas at the Casino, or More Reasons to Hate Red Rock

I was sucked in by yet another deceptive Red Rock Casino marketing ploy today, and ended up stomping out of the casino again. Merry F*cking Christmas.

It looked to me from the mailer that I would receive free play today, but alas as is most of the Stations Casino promotions -- they are hardly ever what they seem.

So I had no free play, and the first machine I tried had sticky buttons, on the verge of malfunctioning. A couple of lumps were sitting at the machines I wanted to play, they weren't playing them mind you, just resting their bones, and they never left for the duration of my stay.

I tried some really crappy *new* IGT machines, and they were awful. IGT machines are getting worse and worse, and I can't win on them to save my life. I played "Super Happy Fortune Cat" and "Radar Riches" -- both machines are a venture between IGT and a company named "Lightning Box" presumably from Japan judging by the moronic messages that pop up when you have scored. Stuff like "Laughing Duck" ???!!! and "Crikey" and "Howzat" signify a win. I have no idea who they are designing these machines for, but they certainly insult my intelligence.

So I keep losing, and to top it off I can't get a drink. When I finally do flag down a cocktail waitress, she takes forever to return and then get this -- she says "Budweiser?" and hands me a COORS LIGHT! I say "No, I said Budweiser" and hand the offending beer back to her. Naturally, she doesn't have a Budweiser, or even a friggin' Bud Light on her tray. She says "Oh, I couldn't get that" in her thick Russian-like accent, like the bar guy wasn't handing out Anheiser- Busch products today. She says she will return with it, and I say forget it, I'm leaving. That after losing more than $50 in a stupid IGT "Wolf Run" machine waiting for my drink.

Come the New Year, I may not be gambling at all -- or if I do it will be strictly on free play. That is how bad my luck, and my treatment at most casinos in town has been.

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