Saturday, September 1, 2007

What Slot Players' Really Want

It's obvious -- we want to win. If we can't win, breaking even is fine. We enjoy playing slots, and we are even willing to pay for the privilege. What we can't stand is countless crazy promotions that get us into the casino, and then being robbed blind, not even given a chance to hang on to some of our gambling money.

Case in Point - Stations Casinos. Specifically their newest jewel Red Rock Casino. It is mighty purty. It's big, and the modern resort type decor works well with the theme. The round and square and cascading crystal chandeliers are a design marvel. Open since Mid 2006, it doesn't yet smell like a casino. The pool is cool and hip, and the restaurants aren't half bad (though most a little pricey for this slot jockey). They have a food court, a pretty good buffet, bingo, movies, bowling, a spacious sports book, and I hear the rooms are nice.

The problem is, I can't win there to save my life, and lord knows I try, nearly every day.

Last night, I got down immediately, and could not get up. It really sucked. I stuck around to try to figure out the "Guaranteed Play" thing they were pushing and to see if I won in the drawing for poker hands they were having to promote the "Guaranteed Play." No such luck. I lost and kept losing. I had a decent run on one of my favorite machines WMS' "Love Boat" but when you are down $100 bucks winning $10 doesn't seem like much consolation.

I was sitting next to a woman who was betting the max ($2.00) on one of those Fishing machines (I don't play them - I think it is Bass Big Bucks) and doing fairly well. She did say "You have to bet the max." The first time I've heard a max better defend their practice. Well, if I had bet the max I would have made more on my Love Boat game but I also would have been down say, oh, about a thousand dollars.

Stations' Casino slot club has been consistently voted the best by Review Journal readers, and it does have many perks. But if I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, bells and whistles don't mean a thing when you can't win.

These casinos weren't built by our winnings, they were built by our losses, so if you enjoy the luxury of Red Rock, you can thank me.