Saturday, November 13, 2010


Wow! Where does the time go? Two and a half years ago, I abandoned this Slot Blog, and just today found it again, and guess what? People ACTUALLY read it, and commented! Now if I can only find the 5 or 6 other blogs I've abandoned -- one is called 'Abandoned Blogs' -- I might keep myself busy writing, and losing less money in the slots.

So the question is, do I still live in Vegas, and do I still play? Yes, and yes.

However, as the Great Recession has taken the wind out of nearly all of our sails, I do limit my time in the casinos to free play, and free buffets. Still, I do try out all the new slots that hit the floor, and I will be more than happy to tell y'all about them.

So, I apologize for falling off the face of the earth, let's just say that weird timeless environment casinos love to create sucked me out of the Bloggersphere for awhile.

I'm back, and looking for the cocktail waitress.

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Carolyn said...

I love slot games and like you I've had to slow down my spend to almost zero...rubbish! but I found a great site that might be of interest. It's called and I've got loads of free money from there... I'm not selling it if you're not interested thats cool but just thought it was worth sharing. Love the blog btw! - Carolyn, UK