Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More Mysteries of the Random Number Generator

In my last post I addressed the all powerful RNG, or Random Number Generator, at the center of every slot machine.

The description of the workings seem simple enough --- numbers endlessly being spit out --- your particular draw, or reel stops to be determined when you press the buttom or pull the arm. But what about bonus rounds? Huh? How does THAT work?!

Bonus rounds are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and entertaining, which leads me to ask -- how exactly does the RNG come into play when I begin my fascinating journey to a bonus of free spins, and picking choices?

Does my first punch of the button predetermine my whole bonus, or do I really determine my own outcome by my wily skills at choosing jewels, or money bags or whatever the symbols might be?

I really don't know, but I do care . . . very much.

In a little over two weeks time, I will be attending the fabulous Global Gaming Expo, where the latest and greatest in Slot Machine technology is trotted out to the trade. Maybe I can corner some designer at one of the many cocktail parties and get my answer.

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