Monday, November 19, 2007

Christmas Shopping? Don't Head to the Mall, Head to the Casino!

I got my first email come-on from the MGM/Mirage casinos today, after updating my info at Mandalay Bay a couple of months ago. It came in the form of a "Lasso Some Loot at Monte Carlo" $40,000 free play giveaway promotion. I poked around the links in the email and found the Player's Club website.

I clicked on the Holiday Gift Shoppe (I guess and extra p and e spells classy) 2007 catalog. A Cartier Tank Watch, and Apple MacBook --Wowee -- this crap beats the hell out of the offerings at Silverton's Expansion Sale! Of course I'll need in excess of 500,000 points to put these presents under my tree, but how hard could THAT be?

There's the rub . . . after reading over all the FAQs on the website, TWICE, I still could not find the answer to the most basic question -- how does coin in convert to points? I was able to determine that a point was worth a penny, and 1000 points equals $10.00 -- therefore these high dollar gifts are worth roughly $5,000 in the points conversion. But, I still don't know how much I have to gamble to earn my points. I'll ask at the Player's Club next time I'm in one of their casinos

As pretty and enticing as the MGM/Mirage Holiday Gift Shoppe is, I doubt it will replace a trip to Target or Best Buy on black Friday. Perhaps the high rollers at the Bellagio can dispatch their personal shoppers to redeem their points, but for the time being I'll begin wrapping up my freebie "As Seen on TV" Pasta Makers and Foot Massagers.

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