Saturday, November 24, 2007

Black Friday puts me in the Pink!

This year's traditional kick-off to the Christmas (er, um , for you PC types -- HOLIDAY) retail season seemed especially crazed.

Some stores were opening at 4a.m., while some decided to stay open ALL night, slashing prices at midnight on Thanksgiving. Yes, I know Las Vegas is touted as a 24 hour town, but this is just plain ridiculous. You see, I used to work retail -- and I think I can guarantee that no stockers, salesclerks, or cashiers were thrilled with these hours.

Still, it made for good press and promotion, and it appears to have worked in getting shoppers in the stores. I'm pretty certain a recession still looms ahead (Thank God gambling is recession-proof,) but on Black Friday 2007 retail mania was on full display.

I joined the throngs in dutifully pouring over my sale flyers and nailing down a plan of attack. I was tempted by the flat screen TVs and digital cameras (so that I can give you some visuals with this blog,) but as these items are usually "while supplies last" I cast my attention on one simple plentiful item -- a pink plush robe to replace my freebie so drastically lost at Red Rock.

Luckily, my object of desire was on sale at Kohl's until 1p.m. I rolled out of bed around 11:30 a.m. grabbed a cup of coffee and headed to the store a couple of blocks away. The parking lot was almost completely full, but I don't mind walking, so I snagged a spot in the back and headed on inside. I couldn't believe how crowded the store was, and when I tried to determine the length of the checkout line I was in shock. It stretched around half the store, running into a second line that stretched around the other half. I was pleased to see that the pink plush robe met my expectations and there were plenty, but then I had a decision to make. Was it really worthwhile standing for perhaps up to an hour in line to save a couple of bucks?

I had nothing better to do for a few hours, and it is getting colder by the day, and the robe is very soft and on sale for $18.99 -- oh what the hell, it's the holidays -- one long line won't hurt.

I sort of went into a zombie like mode as I inched forward along with the other shoppers. It wasn't so bad, I was out of the store by 12:55p.m. and didn't have to suffer the fate of my bargain expiring while I was in line.

I love my pink plush robe, and am wearing it as I write this. I'm pretty bound and determined not to turn on the heat until at least December 1st, even if it is now dipping into the 30's at night. Anyone who thinks Vegas is warm and dry year 'round has not been here for Monsoon Season and the snow flurries.

To sum it up, Black Friday put me in the pink, and I look forward to all this season has to offer.

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